Phonemic Intelligence and Neuroplasticity

Intelix predominantly is based on two fundamental scientific truths:
1) Phonemic Intelligence and
2) Neuroplasticity

PhonemePhoneme is a small unit of sound, which is distinguishable. Phonemes besides being a sound also carry intelligence or knowingness and are in fact the building blocks of intelligence. An intelligence or knowingness, in our thinking and speech is in fact derived from phoneme. In other words, “a phoneme equals subtle but real intelligence.” Phonemic Intelligence (PI) comprises of sound, vowels and consonants delivered to students.

neuroplasticityNeuroplasticity, a profound science, describes how human experiences reorganize and reshape neural pathways in the brain. Long lasting functional changes occur in the brain when we learn and experience new things or memorize new information. These physical changes in neural connections are what we call neuroplasticity in the sense that neurons can be re-shaped similar to plastic.

phonemesPhonemes and Phonemic Intelligence create fundamental experiences and ‘neuro-plastic effects’ within the brain in a positive and long-lasting manner thus forming the scientific foundation of Intelix technology. Remember, the phonemes need to be delivered in the right locations, in the right sequence & manner and right intensity to realize greatest positive effects in human brain and thereby human behavior. This is a precise science and this is where Intelix, unlike any other product, service or institution in the world, excels with its know-how, cutting-edge research and advanced software delivery platform.

The Technique


It takes about 5 minutes to 20 minutes to practice phonemic intelligence session, yet the impact is, as you will experience, real, strong and lasting. The technique is simple:

1) You identify a brain competency and/or a learning subject that you’d like to improve on.
2) Based on your profile and your improvement request, the system recommends a Plan composing multiple sessions of audio-listening and/or video-watching activity. This is just as if you would approach your neighborhood physical training instructor, who proposes a plan of exercises.
3) You experience the activity as prescribed at the prescribed times. Don’t worry; the system will remind you of upcoming sessions!
4) At the end of participation of all recommended sessions within a given plan, your neurons responsible for specific brain competency improvement is ‘re-wired’ and activated for superior performance!

Competitive Advantage