About Us

Intelix is about realizing the vision of “Brighter Children, Happier Parents” in every family in every part the world. We do this by offering authentic, proven and substantiated digital online solutions that facilitates lasting superior brain performance in children. In doing so, we help realize the tremendous potential in them and accordingly making their parents happier.


Intelix was first introduced informally during 2000’s as Mind Sound Technology in the US, Canada and India. During 2012 and 2013, the product was formally rolled out and tested in USA and India among disadvantaged kids having a hard time with studies. Now there are 83 institutions in USA and India that deliver the core technology to school children as an after school program, leading to verifiable and lasting impact as attested via testimonials. The success of the class-room style program encouraged us to bring the solution to anyone in any part of the world at any time of their need. The result is Intelix.

We invite you to browse this web-site to recognize experience and appreciate the positive value that we can bring to you and your family in a permanent way.