Alright! Lets capture

your time-of-birth!

The more acurately you know and convey your time-of-birth information, the more precise will be some of the Intelix recommendations! Remember, in addition to cutting-edge brain science, Intelix also makes use of brain-impacting ‘time-technology’ to give you the most effective tools for success!

Now, In case you don’t have the information or don’t know it accurately, we’ve got you still convered! Our system intelligence is built to take care of lack of knowledge of such information or lack of accuracy there of!

Let’s Begin!

1. Date of Birth

We know from your earlier input, that your date of birth is:

1 January 1970


2. time-of-Birth

Now, we’d like to ask you how well you know your time-of-birth on that day for each of hour, minute and second! And we’d like to gather that in a very EX-way!

  • I Know
  • I know Approx
  • I Dont Know

Tell us about your time-of-birth knowledge!

Hover on the circles to select the option that best describes your knowledge of your time of birth for Hours, Minutes and Seconds.